In 1988, by Helena Gramaço´s sight, Folha d´Ouro atelier is founded at Santa Marinha street. A painting studio, restoration and promotion of the Portuguese history and culture of arts and crafts, in this typical Lisbon burgh.

This was one of the first studios to open in the area, in 1988, when Helena noticed this workspace, while attending the Institute of Arts and Crafts, an extension of Fundação Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva, that started near Alfama in 1985. Her painting studio is also a workshop of figurative painting with traditional techniques, lacquering, gilding and restoration of several materials, almost everything except glass and paper.

Noteworthy is the presence of Namban art pieces. The term Namban is derivative of the Japanese Naban-Jin, which means “South Barbarians”, designation for the Europeans that came to Japan in the XVI century. Which the first contacts were made precisely with the Portuguese.

Throughout these Namban compositions, this studio shop tells us a little about the historical past and palladium of this important cultural meeting with the Japanese people, next to whom we learned these exquisite art forms.